Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I give up!

Man, I tried to keep this blog going. Limping along re-posting all of my instagram photos. But I just don't feel like it's worth it any more. It's funny how BLOGS were such a thing, and everyone had one. And I loved seeing all my friends and their kids, and what everyone was up to. But then everyone drifted away to facebook. And I hate facebook. I in fact just quit again. I quit in January, and only came back when Molly died since I didn't want to tell everyone one at a time for the next month and get it all over at once. So for the summer I am off FB again.
If you have an instagram and we're not following each other there ADD ME! I love instagram. It's like the best of flickr and facebook and twitter. I think a photo and a caption are my favorite way to keep up.
*UPDATE* I'm also feeling over instagram right now also. I got 2 days into the June photo a day and gave right up. Blah. I'm sure I'll post every now and then, but don't be sad if I'm not constantly "liking" your photos right now.

So until I get motivated to post something real here or there, have a lovely summer, and you can always email me!

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