Monday, April 14, 2014


Well, this should be interesting. I don't know how or what I should put here. Regular photos from March? Or post about the sadness of what happened in March? A little of both maybe?

March started out with Cody having a cold, and us trying to get him well before he left on a work trip to spend a week on the other side of the country. I made him this hot honey lemon soother for his throat. Worked perfectly for the {photo-a-day prompt} of:
{Something Yellow}

{On My Mind}
This guy far away

So, I posted on FB and instagram about this already, but I wanted to have it here on the blog also. Our sweet kitty Molly died. We knew she was sick. We had planned to take her to the vet to be euthanized as soon as Cody was home from Boston. Sadly, her kidneys failed before that could happen. It was so hard to watch it happen, especially alone. My wonderful Mother came to help me take her in as soon as the vet opened that morning, and my great friends Megan and Aaron came to dig her grave in the rocky dirt. And they don't even like cats. I don' t know if we'll get another cat, but I still miss her every day. She was my constant little shadow for 12 years, and it's weird the things I miss. like how she would make a funny purr-meow if you coughed or sneezed. And how she came RUNNING if she heard the aluminum lid being take off the sour cream container. How she would sometimes fall out of windowsills and then walk off all cool like it didn't happen.
 I admit I don't miss the cat hair everywhere.

My lovely Mom brought these flowers for me after.

And she brought these nice fake ones to put outside. 
I painted the rock marker on a whim, &
when Cody got home we put the flowers and rocks on together.

 {Something Good} 
These molten lava cakes from Private Selection are amazing

This was also a good thing. 
My brother Mike and his wife had this adorable baby girl. 
Nothing like baby cheeks to cheer a person up.

Primroses from my MIL

Got my hair cut all short

My lovely friend Michelle did this watercolor mat for one of my favorite pictures of Molly.
It is now in a bigger silver frame in my bedroom and I adore it.

Getting ready for church in my stripey dress and shiny toed flats

 Galaxy Nails! I think they look like "spray on shoes" from that
Cloudy with a Chance movie

Sent out a swap "care of" Owl Post. ;)

Spring daffodils from my MIL. I had more fresh flowers this month,
it was lovely.

{I'm Loving}
having him home!

I am in love with these mugs I got from World Market.

In LOVE I tell you!

The softest most beautiful rose from my sweet friend Kristin. 

One day I will post a photo of me in my Wonder Woman Underroos!

{One Of A Kind}
Cutie shirt I made for my new niece
Iron on vinyl is totally fun

 A little TBT action. I was sassy in the 90's
and wore this ska shirt constantly

Oh man. Poor deer head got mustache bombed with a sticker.

So there you have it. March came and went. Our house is  a little cleaner, and a little quieter now. I don't know if we'll get another cat or not. Molly was such a good fit for us, and I know a lot of people who have cats with all kinds of issues I'm not excited about. I know it's weird to be so sad, I had lots of animals growing up that died, but they were always outside animals that kind of just did their own thing all day. But you love and you miss, regardless of it being a person or a pet. I am super grateful for all of the love that was shown, and all of the kindness we received.

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