Thursday, March 20, 2014

Photos from February...

Again it's half way through March before I am posting last months photos. Oops. Here we go. Photo a day subjects are in brackets {LIKE THIS}. Yes I know it's a math thing and not a substitute for (THESE). It just looks fancier. ;)

So here I am. All up close and personal like.

Last light of the day. Gorgeous shot captured by Cody

Major writing pet peeve. Where is this books editor!?!

Funny guys at Apple Spice wrote on our bags. 

Peaceful clouds at sunset

Hah. I tried to freehand these cat faces on my nails. Awesome & funny.

An orange toy cruiser. What could be better?

With a book and a cat on the couch

Half a rainbow brad all close up like

Loving my Japanese tabi socks! Toes all separate for flip flops. 

Nails of the day. French manicure + stripes + glitter

Made a crazy good cake for my Moms birthday!

Fun party times

Uh, this guy is awesome. And he is a guy. Notice the "third sprout" there. ;)

I created some fun s'mores snack mix for Valentine's Day treats 

I am in LOVE with my new Hemnes cabinet, and the KNOBS Cody gave me for Valentine's to go on it make it even better. (From World Market)

These are my fave treat. I buy a bag every time I hit up Target.

A glass heart for no reason at all

Man, if this isn't my childhood, I don't know what is. Red hooded sweatshirt, forehead full of bangs, homemade jeans, hand-me-down shirt, and strawberries printed on my shoelaces. And of course a goofy face.

Cat of course. I love it when she sleeps folded in half on her paws. 

So most of you know via me, my FB, or instagram, that Molly died at the beginning of March. I am still pretty sad, and will post a little more about it when I do my March photo round up. xo

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