Tuesday, February 25, 2014

January 2014

I am a bit late. Behind. Slacking. Of course it doesn't really matter, since no one reads blogs much. I haven't even changed my January calendar to February at my desk, so maybe that's why I'm 25 days into February before posting January pics.
I also deactivated my FB account at the first of January. Mostly for a little New Years cleansing. I find myself more annoyed at people because of facebook than I probably would in real life. I also am "friends" with a bunch of people that I barely know in real life. So it's weird to read their money woes, see their political rants, and view their vacation photographs. At first, I checked Cody's account every day. Then it became every few days. And now I don't really miss much.
Lucky for me, most people are also on instagram, so I still get to see what my nieces and nephews are up to. And of course, I've been doing my photo a day. Here is what happened in January.

New Years Day we went snowshoeing in our canyon! It was fun, but I wanted to go somewhere sunny. You can see we are in the shadow of the canyon mountains.

Who knew you could take leftover 7-layer dip and grill it up in tortillas for delicious burritos? Not me! Until now.

Found this turkey feather in the snow. Cody tossed it up in the air and it landed like this.

2nd try at snowshoeing in the sunny sun. Much more fun. But also more sweaty.

Made a billion fleur de lis sugar cookies for Cody's scouts court of honor. 

Went ice skating in the outdoor park rink. Fun. Painful.

Favorite new black polish. Has green-gold glitter in it.

The word of the day was blue. I rounded up some blue stuff. 

Any chance to shoot my fab crafty space

I turned 30-something or other. I forget what exactly. ;) It was a lovely day and Cody got me the new kindle paperwhite! Huzzah for reading in bed!
Interesting to see who remembered my birthday without facebook. Family did well! Newer friends did too! Old friends not so much. It seems everyone just relies on FB to keep track of birthdays. Also interesting, I didn't know how to wish my friend who also has a bday in January happy birthday since I'm not on FB and I don't have her cell number. It didn't even occur to me to write an email. And I was too late to send a card. So I failed without FB too.

Cody took me shopping at Target and Ikea for my bday also. Good man. Side note, that Herbal Essences Naked dry shampoo is the best I've used yet!!

Made some yummy vegetarian fajitas!

I'm sad you can't just buy Polaroid instant film anymore. It's sooo expensive now.

Got out all my pink and red washitape for February!

So there you have it. January was forever ago. Only 3 more days left of this month and I will post my February photos! 

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