Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy 2014! December photos

Everyone survive December? Yes? Good! Here is how mine went...

 Decorated a gingerbread house... perfection! ;) Cody really got into piping on this one

Wore sparkly snowflake earrings to parties

Fixed a million lights on our tree

Ate some chocolate

Decorated the tree and spent many nights gazing upon it

Admired our Nativity

Wrapped Some Gifts

Got a few new ornaments

Made a couple of snowglobes

Painted my nails with snowflakes

Bought more wrapping paper, even though I'm all stocked up

Had a beautiful Christmas day

 Got some shiny tiny earrings

Reflected on the year of family and friends

Enjoyed the lovely winter outdoors

Watched some holiday movies

Finally the day after

Ate delicious brunches

Another new little tree addition

Painted my nails like candy

Got ready to welcome the New Year!

Hope your month was filled with warm wishes, family fun, and lots of love!

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