Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ack! Where did November go?

December sure got here fast! Here is what we did in November. 

Cody installed this fabulous new doorbell button for me! It's from Restoration Hardware and I am in love. Our old one was twice as expensive and was terrible.
Lovely pomegranates from Cody's aunt's tree
My washi tape jars are getting full!
Red, white & silver nails
Bought the new PJ CD.
Target finds!
Wowza. Sky.
Throwback to my little nieces and nephews. Aww.
A friend pointed out this is more of a statement, not really a fortune.
My pretty book I got on our trip to Spokane.
Throwback to my Sunshine Generation days.
Clearance dog Halloween costume=super miserable cat
Blue & silver glitter nails
Broke my new ornament. Boo. Already got replacement. Yay.
Loved how pretty refilling the toothpick container was
Our favorite breakfast place
Trying on glasses for fun. Even though I don't need them.
Watercolored this printable
Spent Thanksgiving in SLC

The End
Of November that is.
Now for the crazy month.

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