Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July, July, July, it never seemed so strange

Last month I just posted my favorite photos, and I think I'll just do that again. Hope your month of celebrating summer, America, and hot hot heat was joyous.

Cody spent a week with the scouts camping. I was very excited to have him home!

My patriotic nails for the 4th!

Couldn't pass up doing my toes festive also.

Beautiful sunset

Took a drive to Bear Lake via Idaho. Pretty.

Bought some cute fake plants at Ikea.

Got a cute ombre maxi skirt.

Was inspired by said skirt to paint nails ombre.

Cody went to Costa Rica for work. I lived on these groceries while he was gone. YUM.

Celebration cupcakes were bought when he got home. And cherries.

Out to eat together for the first time in a week. Yay! 

My mom gave us a red ottoman, the cat loves it.

Took a road trip to Spokane WA for my nephews wedding.

The wedding party!

Lovely sky on the way home, shot through the car window.

Stole the next 2 pictures from my niece Courtney.  My Mom, Court, & Me

Courtney & Me

Me & Cody. I love this guy. We look so serious. Weddings are serious business. 

The cat is all skinny lately. She fit in this tiny lunch box.

Got some new pressed pennies in Montana! Yay!

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