Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh June.

June was kind of the pits. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the month anyway. (Also I have been doing the Photo-A-Day thing on instagram for a YEAR! Last June was my first month. Crazy.)

I love fresh blueberries.

 Pretty flowers @the Flower Shoppe.

Summer evenings in my backyard.

Fun 3-D project I made for my wall.

I LOVE this guy. Brunch together is always fun.

Me. Sort of. Lots of editing to make myself presentable.

My kitchen. Pretty clean today.

Obsessed with my new Klean Kanteen water bottle. Keeps my water icy cold all day!
I cut out this cute vinyl to make it more fun.

Stars on my colorful nails. Festive.

Bought more washitape. Love the stars the most.

More crafty nails. Pink & Silver chevron.

I almost blinded myself with this shot. Smile indeed.

Getting nail supplies ready to do patriotic pedicures. 

Pretty aqua ink and old timey quill pens. And this note was kind of a lie. ;)

Hope your June was better than mine. See you at the end of July for more!

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