Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Photo a Day!

Happy May! Here is what I did in April.....
I didn't bother to put the captions on them since I am writing a description of them anyway.

My photo a day list (I didn't miss a day!)

1. Play- Cody played hooky from work and we went shopping. He bought me this fab pie plate and cute owl mug.
2. Blue- Sky, Jeans, Easter Eggs
3. Something begining with A - Apples
4. This happened today - I put a card I made in the mail

5. Something good - Yummy mushroom Gruyere pasta I made. I would eat this again and again if it weren't so darn expensive. I am going to try it with Parmesan and see if it's as good.
6. Air - Went  for a drive to get some air
7. Dreamy - Lemon cupcakes were dreamy
8. On Your Plate - Cute ram plate on my craft room wall from Anthropologie

9. Tiny - Poppy seeds to put in Cody's birthday (lemon bundt) cake
10. A Place - Disneyland! Our trip in 2000 seems a million years ago
11. Detail - I stenciled some zigzags on my nails
12. In the middle - Cody's "Up" birthday card I made

13. View from your bed - My new Ikea Hemnes dresser!
14. Water - cute but useless (doesn't seal) water bottle. It might be full of m&m's now.
15. Alone - I'm never alone. She follows me everywhere
16. Your favorite color - GREEN

17. Busy - Teasing the cat with cupcakes
18. Hello! - HK ring & watch
19. Button - some buttons for crafting
20. On your mind - This guy. Cody loves his nerdy speed skates

21. Fire - I can never find a red lipstick that doesn't turn hot pink on me!
22. Blurry - Molly trying to eat
23. Time - Time for scouts! Today was rocket launching day.
24. I saw this person today - And every day. Luckily he hasn't gotten sick of me yet.

25. Life is... - Sweet! This doughnut was so cute. It didn't even get eaten though. Hah.
26. Childhood - I used to love to wash the heart shaped cake pans after my mom baked my birthday cake. Crazy kid.
27. Earth - Growing some basil, chives and parsley. Tiny sprouts are adorable.
28. My Sunday - was uneventful. This is my favorite manicure yet. I adore the stencil.

29. I wore this today - Cute new (cheeeeap) flower flats from Target.
30. Glasses - I am a sucker for girly cheap sunglasses.
My new super duper cute hot pink owl iPhone case. Ignore how ick I look.
And my new super duper cute washi tapes from Pick Your Plum. I think this is my favorite picture of the month. I love the bike and the keys ones the most.

May looks like it has some interesting prompts. If you're on instagram, you should try it! I love having an excuse to take a picture every day. xox

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