Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marching On - Photo A Day

I know that nobody really keeps up with their personal blogs anymore. I know that most of my friends haven't updated theirs in years. It seems like if you don't have a professional blog with lots of recipes and crafts and followers you just give up and quit. Well, I guess that re-posting all my instagram photos isn't quite quitting, but it isn't really blogging either. Regardless, I am going to keep doing it. I like having a little reminder of my month. (Edit- I also just realized I do some sort of explanation/justification paragraph at the top of all my photo posts! I don't really know why, maybe I'm afraid anyone who still reads this is rolling their eyes at all my silly pictures every month.)

Here was my list for March!

1. L is for: Living Rooms at Ikea! We bought some new dressers and they are awesome!
Also, you should go watch Cody build the one for his office! He did a time lapse video and it's on Youtube! HERE
2. I made this: card for my beautiful Mom!
3. My pretty snowflake keychain
4. Lucky shamrock I made

5. Under: Cat hiding under some poster board
6. Chair: Tiny Strawberry Shortcake furniture
7. Fear: Dentist appointment reminder postcard
8. Favorite: Mmmm. Costa Vida Chicken Salad, our weekend take-out fave!

9. Faceless Self Portrait: Good thing this was faceless, or else I'd have needed to go put on makeup! My nails were cute though.
10. I want: Random items from my amazon wish list.
11. Important: Actually, not important at all, but I was taking forever deciding which glitter to put on top of my black nail polish.
12: In the distance: The Wellsville Mountain range from my car window.

13. Sound: My fabulous little bluetooth speaker Cody got me for my birthday
14. Tasty: Who knew cake mix cookies were so good?!?
15. Explore: I love exploring the nail polish isle
16. 9 o'clock: Making Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal waffles at 9am, what? Me? Yep!

17. Green: Took the Land Cruiser for a drive in the canyon
18. Shoes: Cute but useless Old Navy shoes. They have negative arch support.
19. Sign: Old photo of us on a Cruiser trip to the middle of nowhere Utah
20. Clean: My kitchen table was honestly the only clean space in my house

21. Working: Sewed some velcro onto kitchen towels. Makes them stay in place on the oven door handle
22. About you: Yikes. I think I put: I like baking, reading, sleeping, singing, and talking. I hate cleaning, and being useful. ;)
23. What you do for fun: Lots of things. Although none that day. I decorated for Easter. Did it throw anyone else off having Easter so early?
24. UP: I love the Pixar stamps! I added them to some pretty Easter cards.

25. In your drawer: I love whimsical towels. Especially owls.
26. Something you did: Went to lunch for my brother's birthday, bought flower seeds, (despite the fact I can never grow anything), bought some cupcakes for partying.
27. Pair: Pair of yummy Chocorooms. Japanese candy is so fun. Also, Megan! World Market has them! Next time I go, I'm getting like 5 boxes.
28. In the mirror: Ok, in the car, but I was enjoying the end of the spring snow and took advantage of being able to wear my cozy hipster hat.

29. Goodnight: Pretty flowers Cody bought me tonight
30. Relax: No one at the pizza place but us! Crazy!
31. Stuff: Fun stuff we did dying eggs last year. Did not dye eggs this year. :(
*End of the photo a day, but here are some more I wanted to share, starting with this Gruyere cheese and Asparagus Tart! Yuuuummmmmm!

*Super cute quatrefoil wrapping paper I found in the $ bins at Target. Love.
*Suuuuuuper Cuuuute washi-tape in springy colors. Love the patterns on this bunch
*Cody and I tried out all the porch swings at Lowe's. I think we need one this year.
*These Maple Pecan cookies were AMAZING. AMAZING I tell ya!

*We got my star mirror hung, but now the shelf needs styling help.
*I made disposal cleaning bombs, and realized by putting lemon juice in the baking soda it pretty much negates the effectiveness of both. Drat. They are cute though.
*I bought 2 of the nail polishes made by Drew Barrymore's line Flower Cosmetics at Walmart. They are pretty good for the price. I like the eyeliner color (aubergine) that I bought a LOT.

Speaking of Walmart, just a hint to everyone, DO NOT leave your credit card info saved on their site! I ordered photos online, and the next thing you know, my account was hacked, someone bought a cell phone, and then 50$ worth of prepaid minutes that were then emailed to them after they changed the email address on my account. So they were able to cancel the cell phone, but NOT the minutes since they were emailed right away.
After some googling, this is SUPER common with the Walmart website, and I do believe it was their fault, and not that someone had my info specifically, but that they were able to get into Walmarts web page and use my stored info. Lesson Learned!

Hope the spring weather is making you happy! It will be hot as !@#$% in no time at all! ;)

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