Thursday, March 7, 2013

My February - Photo A Day

This month I did better than last. I think I only missed 2. Huzzah. Although I did combine day 11 & 12. Let's see what I did this month shall we?

1. Fancy salad serving fork 
2. Cute faux sweater knit pattern on my new purse
3. Earrings: Mushrooms, Owls, Birdcages
4. Hope

5. Yummy Lemon cookies I made
6. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur
7. ME
8. Adorable clips from Ikea

9. I wasn't actually guilty. That "muffin" (we all know it's just a cupcake) was delish
10. Watching The Walking Dead marathon. All day.
11 & 12. Went to lunch with friends, also had a cute enterance
14. Cody proposed 13 years ago on Valentine's Day

15. Hummus, salsa, sour cream, butter, queso, yogurt, baking soda
16. Surprise Birthday Party for my beautiful Mom. It was perfect.
17. New wallet Cody gave me for ♥ day
18. Why in the world do I have both breakouts and wrinkles?!?! WHY?

19. A little ashamed I asked for a happy meal for lunch so I could get the cute Hello Kitty toy. The cat is not amused. I can't get over the fact the toy dispenses stickers out her pie hole.
20. Stood at the oven trying to want to make dinner. It did not work.
22. Favorite picture of us together. Maybe ever.
23. Cody said this coconut water was straight up nasty. Do not recommend.

24. Tiniest little cloud peeking over the mountains.
25. My lampshade
26. Molly having some quiet time in a cute box.
27. Cody is currently obsessed with Plants vs. Zombies game

28. Hanging out on her scratching post. 
End of photo a day. Now some random stuff I shot just for fun.
Pretty new nail polish. I really like doing the ring finger different.
My Valentine's week manicure was pink argyle
Made some Sunday afternoon brownies.

Decorated Cody's Valentine gift with washi tape. It does not hold well.
Super cute foxy puppet I found online and printed.
Another cute fingernail design. Love the heart.
Crêpes for dinner. Yum.

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