Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Year, New Photos, Same Stuff

January 2013 came and went. I took some photos. I posted them on instagram. I had a birthday. I turned thirty-flempherzurbg.... Fun times were had by all.

I didn't do very well this month, and missed quite a few days. Oh well. I just wasn't inspired by some of the prompts this time. Or I was lazy. I'm not sure which.

 Let's see how I did, shall we?

First up!
New calendar, new owl cookie jar, yummy heart out of pomegranate seeds, the cat in my lap while reading
Next we have:
Cody in some terrible 90's speed skates, lovely chocolate cookies from Ikea, CODY stealing said cookies and eating them, and another lazy cat photo. This was too funny, she had her arm through the strap of my shoe and was dead asleep. Nutbar.
And on to:
A snowflake tin a gift card came in, my current favorite paper pads, reading a zombie apocalypse novel, water bottles.
Still more pictures of:
Surprise muffins Cody picked up at the store, round (delicious artisan) bread, yellow washi tape, the cat, turned into a styrofoam robot.
Still going eh:
Two tacos, my bins of Christmas (finally ready to go downstairs), the cat in the shadows, delicious chocolate.
Still awake for:
Stripey canvas I panted for my craft room, beautiful winterscape, lunch out together with the husband on my birthday, the snowy day where the sun never came out
Last one!
My lovely star mirror hasn't been hung up yet, myself in my "Ski Tahoe" shirt, although the hoodie over the top turns me into a ski hoe. Heh. And cuteness from my bday. :)

So now it is February. And I am still here. Still taking pictures of... nothing much. Sorry for all the cat pictures.
Today "Punxsutawney Phil" did not see his shadow. I'm not holding my breath for spring though. This year has been snowy (yay) and cold (brrr!) so an early spring might be nice for a change.

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