Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Remember, remember, a photo a day in November

Yep. I'm back at it. Non-blogging. I am seriously hooked on taking a picture a day. Here is how November went.

oops, this one of the cat yawning like a crazy 
is supposed to be captioned NIGHT, 
but I am too lazy to go back and edit the picture again.

This photo below of the boot tray with my shoes in it, 
and all of Cody's shoes to the side makes me laugh so much.
 I said something like "The husband has a BIG problem 
putting his shoes in the boot tray" or somesuch to make it fit 
the picture. But really it was just what I wanted to post.

So November is over, and of course December is crazy. I am 99.9% done shopping (hooray! I love shopping online!! The UPS man might egg my house though) I have my cards ready to be stamped and sent, and am crafting up all manner of treats and tricks to deliver/send in the next few weeks. Do I seem so ahead of the game? Well I'm NOT. I haven't put up our tree, or had Cody lug the 5 HUGE rubbermaid bins up from the basement. So there's that. We also missed the normal weekends where we put lights up on the house, and now can't decide if it's worth doing. Also, I know I am in the minority, but I miss the snow. I am always so sad on Christmas when there is no snow. It has 20 days to get on the trolly!

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