Monday, October 1, 2012

September Photo A Day

How was your September? Other than facing my greatest fear and going to the dentist (thank goodness for sedation) mine was pretty good. I am OVERJOYED that it is October. It's my favorite month. Fall is the best. Did I mention I love fall? I LOVE FALL.

Once again I completed the #FMSPhotoADay challenge. I love doing it. Here is what you missed if you're not on instagram. (so, not much)

According to the internets, I'm not the only one who has had their blog ruined by instagram. That makes me feel better. At least I am still trying right? And putting these pictures on here make me notice how many of them are my favorite photos. Like the one of me rollerskating in my childhood kitchen, or the best ever lumberjack costumes from last year, or the one of my flower girls/nieces with me on my wedding day. Lovely.

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