Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Photo A Day

Man, it has not been my month. I have barely left the house. I just feel off, tired, crummy, sad, all that annoying non specific vague unhappy crap. Normally I just love October, and I get excited about costumes, candy, decorate my house, and buy things with owls, and tell everyone how excited I am for hoodie weather. This year I... watched a lot of TV and slept. Oh well. Hopefully I will snap out of my funk. It wasn't funky enough to stop me from doing the photo a day challenge though. Hooray for that I guess.

1. Where you stood: At my sink doing dishes. Love my curtains & mushroom stickers.

2. Lunchtime: Chicken salad and honeycrisp apples. Nom.

3. This happened today: I got a sweet treat! We melted and dipped for dessert that night.

4. What you read: Book from the online library. I didn't love it, but I learned a lot from it.

5. Shadow: My cute cruiser bike in the driveway

6. I'm thankful for: Husband, Home, Family

7. Light: Molly loves laying in the sunlight

8. Angle: Lots of right angles when we put the expedit together

9. Red: Little red mushroom - so cute!

10. Emotion: one of my favorite pictures from my wedding day of my niece being oh so sad.

11. Something close up: My cupcake liner collection is large. I need to bake more cupcakes.

12. On the table: crafting up some Halloween cards

13. Landscape: an old shot from our trip to Bryce Canyon

14. Makes you laugh: I love Regular Show. I love that our friend Parks drew us this picture.

15. Dinnertime: I haven't had KFC in ages, but we gave the grilled chicken a try.

16. Something you wrote: A Roald Dahl quote

17. Fruit: Apple, orange, grapes (they weren't very good and they were expensive) lemon

18. Made you smile today: The cat has never met a box she didn't like

19. Letters: B O O

20. 4 O'Clock: I took this at 4am. It's my cute new owl scentsy warmer.

21. Calm: Sky

22. In your town: We have amazing canyons with fall explosions of color

23. The view from here: My front porch - look at all the snow

24. Weather: Pretty, but a lot of the trees still had leaves and broke. :(

25. People: Halloween in the 90's. Aww. Memories.

26. Listening to: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs. One of the best albums of late.

27. Morning: Eating Rice Krispies in my PJ pants while the cat stares me down.

28. Looking Back: These were some of my favorite pumpkins ever.

29. Moon: I could not get a good shot of the real moon, so I found this one instead.

30. Clothes: The cute t-shirt I wore today

31. Whatever you Please: Happy Halloween! xox

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