Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo A Day ~ June

This is the THIRD time I have written & edited this silly post, so if you get it 3 times in your reader I am sorry. This is my final and real version. Sheesh.
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So apparently I don't really blog any more. I just bring stuff over from my iPhone to my blog. I have been using the instagram app more and more, and I saw this Photo A Day challenge posted somewhere and decided to try. Here is the list of what I was supposed to take a picture of each day.

It was super fun. I really liked having a thing of the day to find. It was like a little scavenger hunt all month. So here is a picture from every day in June.

* * *
Now that is is July, there is a new list, and I am going to try and do it again! I was very proud that I posted all 30 days in June, even when I had to kind of cheat, like day 26 was "where you shop" but I didn't leave the house so I found that Old Navy graphic and added words and a background and posted it, or the last day was "a friend" but I forgot to take a picture when I was with my friend Kathy and then only saw Cody for the rest of the day. Haha.

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Lisa said...

Love your little note at the top--I thought I had already seen this, haha! It actually only came into my reader twice :) I love your instagram photos and love how you put the topics on them. I'm planing to get an iphone when the new ones come out--can't wait to join instagram for real (my husband's itouch is so old it doesn't have a camera).