Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Draw Something!

I am obsessed with this game. I wish I was playing Draw Something all the time. I have several games going, but somehow it it's still not enough. I love seeing how people interpret words into pictures and I LOVE coming up with my own. Actually, Pictionary is the one of the very few games that I get very competitive while playing in real life.

Here are some that I remembered to save or take a screen shot of that I drew. Some are super easy but were so fun to draw, and others you'd  have to understand my brain to get. The quality of my drawings improved some after I bought a cheapy stylus, but it's still pretty challenging to draw on a 2x3 inch screen.


This was cute before I put a big red X over them...

Hahahaha. This one is my favorite.
I was playing Cody, I don't know if anyone else would have gotten it.

Dobby loves socks.

How else would you draw weird?

Anyway, if you want to come play me, I bet you can guess my username! I don't have the game linked to my Facebook account so I won't show up in your list of friends there. 
Hint: it's my username practically everywhere on the internets.
*closing the comments on this because of all the spam comments I keep getting*


Lisa said...

Your drawings are awesome!! I was waiting on a move from you so I wasn't able to let you know that I had to unexpectedly go to help out my parents--I don't know how long I'll need to be here and of course I couldn't take my husband's ipod touch with me :( I hope we can continue playing when I get home!!

Megan said...

Those are super cute! I love the eggplant one and the scooby one too. You are too cute! I don't know how you'd draw without a stylus. Maybe I'll have to find that little game and play!

Shellie said...

I knew you could draw, but some of those are super fabulous! Em loved the peacock.