Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Fling

At my grade school they used to have a carnival type event called the Spring Fling. Every classroom in the school had a different game in it, and I think you bought tickets and then each game took a ticket to play. They had fish ponds, cake walks, and all other manner of fun things.
Every time it hits end-of-March/beginning-of-April I think about the Spring Fling. I don't even remember if that is when it was held, it just seems like everyone has spring fever and wants the sun to come out so we can play. After fall, spring is my favorite. I love those in between seasons I suppose. The transition from hot to cold or cold to hot equals perfection in my opinion.

Now that I've rambled on for a paragraph or so, here are some pictures. We recently got iphones and I started using instagram. Of course a bout 5 seconds later Facebook bought instagram and now it's most likely super uncool. Regardless, here are my instagram pictures from Easter & Cody's birthday.
Dying Eggs (it makes me laugh how grumpy Cody looks here!)
My pretty Easter basket
Tall thing full of plastic eggs
Cupcakes! I love how these turned out. Spice cake with fluffy cream cheese frosting
Presents. I bought this bow at the $ store, and thought it was one big bow, but it was 3 smaller bunches, so i hooked them all together because I wanted one really big bunch of ribbons.

Oh, and while not an instagram photo, I really enjoy how this card I made turned out. Husbands Hexagons Card

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Dawn said...

I love that picture with Cody and the egg.