Monday, February 6, 2012

February Photos

Since all I've done so far today is eat leftover 7-layer dip (I love pretending to watch the superbowl) I thought I'd update my blog header to something a little Valentinesey and post some pictures of things that are currently making me happy.

Cody went snowshoeing and took this fun picture of himself on the top of some hill. He had to go pretty far up to find actual amounts of snow.

This cuter than cute owl cup a friend gave me for my birthday. It might have been filled with fancy chocolates. They might be all gone.

The cat finds the oddest places to sleep. Forget the various soft spots around the house, she thought the natural health section of my bookshelves looked comfy.

I LOVE my cupcake liner collection, and my MIL gave me this nice big jar to store them in. So much more fun than hidden away in a cupboard. 

I finally gave in and got a kindle. I absolutely adore it. I have read lots of free books from amazon, and have checked out a few from the Utah online library. It is perfect for me because I never make it to the library as much as I'd like, but now the books just show up day or night when I want to read. I am on huge waiting lists for most of the ones I want, but it's like Christmas when I get the email telling me my book is available! I still totally have books I want to own in paper form though, I don't think I'd ever want to stop buying real books altogether.

Fun new butter dish from West Elm. Square little owls make me happy.

This photo strip heart ornament I made for the husband for Valentine's day years ago. That picture is one of my favorites. It reminds me how long we've been us, and how far we've come together. Aww.

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