Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year - New Post

I am hoping that everyone had a fabulous Christmas. All my decor is still up and while I love it, I think this might be the week it comes down. Besides sitting around waiting for the snow to clear out the yucky air in the valley, here are some pictures of what I've been up to.

One of my Christmas presents from Cody was a card that promised "A trip to Ikea for various things you might need". While I wouldn't say I needed any of these things, they are all fun, no? I can't wait to paint my fancy Ung Drill frame some fun color and put some pretty fabric behind the glass to use as a whiteboard in my yet-to-be-started future craft room.

While at Target I spotted these bins on clearance and used them to try and organize the Jenga game that is my hallway linen/tools closet. I think the vinyl labels I cut out make it seem more organized than it is. You also can't see the top shelf of pillows waiting to avalanche and the bottom shelf of random blankets, and it's really for the best. Sorry the photo is so blurry. I was too lazy to get out the tripod and the hallway has terrible light.

Does anyone else feel like they don't eat a real vegetable (no, cheesey artichoke dip doesn't count) from November till now? Me too. So I've been craving the healthy. The husband gave me these AMAZING soup bowl and sandwich plate sets that I've been wanting for FOREVER, and I made my favorite side dish (basically quinoa with all kinds of legumes and veggies in oil & vinegar) to go with some Crumb Brothers bread with cream cheese and avocado on it. Yum & cute. I'm really lucky Cody will agree to eat this kind of stuff.

The week between Christmas and New Years we mostly hung around the house playing with Legos, puzzles, games (video and board), watching movies (I got Totoro on DVD!!) and wearing every set of PJ's that we owned. We did have a not awesome New Years eve since we spent the day/night watching the darn cat try and maneuver about the house with a circle of cardboard around her neck that we had to put on her to stop her from licking a sore. Gah. It has been there for a week and we are all going crazy. So that has not been fun. Perhaps I need to make her a cute one out of a colorful paper plate like this one.

We did however take a little road trip with some friends to the middle of nowhere Utah for a visit to the Golden Spike Historic site where I made some smashed pennies for my collection, and then jaunt over to see the Spiral Jetty.

Here are the husbands taking a try at the train rail hand cart... thingy.

The very cool steam train we got to watch go up and down the tracks. It had a very loud whistle and a very fun bell. Everyone who worked there was super excited to talk about the train.

The jetty was mostly covered by water, so you can't really see it, or walk out into it right now, but it always makes for the most surreal pictures, where it looks like you are standing somewhere between the earth and sky. Sorry if you've already seen these on FB.

Cody went out farther than the rest of us. Of course.

 It's the end of the world as we know it. We feel fine, obviously.

While we were there, the colors were so bland and gray, but the pictures always look far prettier than when you're there in real life, which I think is the opposite of most landscapey things I try to take pictures of.

I just thought this sign that was posted was hilarious. I don't know why. I've never seen an opossum in real life. But I'd like to. And then scream and run away of course.

Next up for the month, the aforementioned taking down of the Christmas decor, which takes me forEVER, and then I want to see if the bins project will translate to my pantry and make our food organized/pretty, and then the massage-room-to-craft-room transformation which I am a little afraid to start truth be told. I have the furniture and the paint primer but not the motivation I guess.

Hope that your 2012 is shaping up just dandy.

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