Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowflake Forest

Various photographs of my Christmas decor. Just because it's sparkley and pretty and more wintery than outside right now.

My shelf of random stuff. An old window, lots of snowflakes and...
These cone trees I made with fabric. Super fast & easy craft.
 Also this tall thing filled with all kinds of fun decorations.
I found these beaded snowflake stockings on ebay for a fraction of their Pottery Barn price tag. Hooray for deals! They are so pretty. That ornament hanging on it I made from frozen OJ lids.
Tiny waterless snow globe I made out of a fancy mustard jar.
 Slightly larger snow globe I made with a Land Cruiser inside.
On my tree, a new porcelain owl ornament from Target,
a garden gnome ornament with his basket of mushrooms,
and this gittery owl ornament.
Pretty lights on the tree, fake though it may be.
And lastly, the cat really wants to eat/play in the tree. She knows she's not supposed to though.

Those were a few of my favorite wintery decorations this year. I was obsessed with getting new stockings, and wanted to make those waterless snow globes as gifts but never got any further than making those two. Maybe next year.

On a bit of a sad note, my sweet Grandpa passed away last week at the age of 93. He was an amazing grandfather and could make or fix anything. He was kind, supportive and was full of wisdom and humor. He had the most unique writing style, I loved getting letters from and writing to him. He will be missed. xox
Grandpa Offerdahl & Jen


Shellie said...

I LOVE the Cruiser snow globe!

Sorry to hear about your grandpa.

Hiren Modi said...

I come to know about your blog by Pinterest. You have done excellent work on blog and looks interesting.