Monday, December 12, 2011

End of Fall Photo Dump

Today I took some pictures of my Christmas tree. As I opened the folder that the camera put them into, I noticed a bunch of pictures that I had wanted to post in November but didn't. So here are a few end of fall pictures.

I posted the pretty apple pie I made for Thanksgiving on my facebook, but I made these caramel apple tarts with the leftover pie dough and the last granny smith apple and they turned out so yummy.

I don't know if anyone without cats will think this is funny, but Cody brought home this feather and the cat went crazy for it. We have to store it up high enough so she won't tear it to bits, so she sat in the hallway and stared at it forever. 

Cody spends a whole day putting up our Christmas lights so that they look perfect. He has way more patience than I do. But they sure look great when he's done!

I like dressing up my little shelf for each holiday/season. I love that tall glass thing I get to fill with stuff.

Last picture of Cody before he trimmed his beard. He grew it from August till November and I loved it, but it also like it neatly trimmed like it is now. I'm still proud of him for growing it out just for me when I decided he should be a lumberjack for Halloween. 

And there you have the end of fall. Stay tuned for wintery pictures. At least it looks wintery inside my home, even if there is no snow outside, I have lots of snowflakes that don't melt inside.

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