Saturday, November 26, 2011

200th Post & a GIVEAWAY!

After I posted my last two Halloween themed posts, I looked at my blog count and realized that THIS is my real & actual 200th blog post! Hooray!
Remember last November I did one even though it was only my 177th post because I really wanted to give away those cute blocks? Well, although it's sad it took me almost a year to get from 177 to 200, that means it's been long enough I can do another one right?
So without further ado, I give you:
Awww snap! Yes, I am that lame. I just said aww snap.

What am I giving away? Well, I have 2 things that I have the supplies to make right now, so if you win, you get to pick!

Option #1:
A set of super cute vinyl labels, in either black chalkboard vinyl or white dry erase vinyl! You have seen these all over right? You can put them on bins to organize toys, or jars to organize... things in jars. I made a set for some jars and gave them to my niece for her wedding and they turned out super cute!
I'll let you pick the size of the labels and send you as many as I can fit on one 8.5x12 inch sheet of vinyl, so you can have one large (like the one I put on my tray here), or 6 medium, or 12 small, whatever you want! I will ship them to you if you don't live in my area. If you are the winner I will send you a picture of some shape suggestions that I can cut and you can pick whatever you'd like.
I haven't used the dry erase vinyl yet but it looks super fun! I use Bistro Chalk Markers to write on my chalkboard vinyl, it looks so nice and neat and erases easily with a damp paper towel.  (For chalkboard vinyl ideas click here & for dry erase ideas click here)


Option #2:
A flower jewelry set, similar to this one I made for another niece.
Gift Set
I have lots of colors and sizes of flowers, and will make you a pair of earrings, and either a hair pin or ring to go with it! If you win I will send you a picture of the colors and shapes/sizes of flowers that I have. I made myself a pair of green earrings with these flowers and wear them all the time. They are so cute!

To enter, same as always just leave a comment of any sort, and if you don't have your email in your blogger profile, a way to contact you if you win! (Unless we're friends in real life and I already know how to contact you) Feel free to tweet, FB or tell friends about my giveaway. I'll probably pick a winner around December 1st.
And as always, thanks for reading my silly little blog of nothingness. It makes me happy.



Schmath said...

Oooooh, so pretty! I want those flower earrings bad!

Megan said...

Everything you make is dang cute, so OF COURSE I want to win something!

Lisa said...

I love your creations!! You're so sweet to have a giveaway!!

attack of The Mouse said...

Hmmm. I need to comment because I too love everything you make. You only make cute things. Thanks for having a give away.

Blain & Britney Young said...

Jen super cute stuff i wanna win!!

The Barfus' said...

way cute stuff. You'er so creative! love it all.

Kitty Darkness Designs said...

congrats on your 200th blog post!!I'm not even on a 100, haha! thanks for hosting such a fun give away! i'm a sucker for your handmade goods and the flower set you made is awesome :)

Shellie said...

I'm commenting because I think you're SO creative & make/create such amazing things! (Not because I want to win anything.) Besides, if I won the vinyl labels, I'd have to organize something, and if I won the earings, I'd have to get my ears pierced! The earings are super cute though, and if I were to organize something, those labels would be awesome! :)

Natalie said...

Love both of those things, I want to win!