Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who loves October? I do!

Anyone who knows me knows I love Halloween. I always have. I posted a ton of pictures last year, with all of my decor and what not, and I've only added a few things this year, but you know I'm going to put them on here anyway. Most of them are vinyl things I've cut out with my silhouette. And then a few random pictures of stuff at the end just for fun.

I am in love with my awesome crow plate. I found the swirly patterned plate at T.J.Maxx and added the crow in vinyl
 My mantle is pretty much the same, this year I added a printable thingy I found on the webs, and that sweet tall glass thingy and filled it up with sparkley pumpkins. LOVE it. The rest of the year it has fake lemons & limes in it.
On the inside of my front door is this vinyl owl, and after Halloween I can just remove the words and leave the owl up all fall.
 These pumpkins are on the inside of the door to the garage.
  I got this frame last year in a swap from my friend Dawn, but I never showed it with the picture of Cody that I put in it. I think he had just had his wisdom teeth taken out and he took this photo of himself in photobooth on the computer. Haha!
 Has your neighborhood been doing that "Boo-ing" thing where you get a treat left on your doorstep and then have to take a treat to 2 more neighbors? Well, here is what we made, spooky s'mores: a package of graham crackers and chocolate covered marshmallow pumpkins. They turned out cuuuute, even if we did take them too late and they sat on their porches overnight.
 Have you seen these nutella & go packages?!? They are adorable and I had to get a few.

I have a whole other mess of photos that I want to post up, but I think this is enough pictures for now. So watch for another post full of candy corn fun coming s-o-o-n! (Like possibly today)

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Megan said...

How cute and crafty are you? Do you want to make another round of neighbor treats for me, 'cause we got booed again. BOoooo!