Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Candy Corn Craziness

So I love a good theme. Especially any sort of Halloween theme. I kind of go a little crazy in fact. I have hosted a few Halloween parties in my day, and while they have all been fun, I think I had more fun planning for this one than any other.
Cody and I teach a class of 6 & 7 year old children at church, and they have been filling up a jar of candy each week to "earn" a class party by bringing their scriptures with them each week. I kind of knew no matter what the jar looked like I was going to have the party in October though.
So while searching for a non spooky theme, I happened to notice candy corn stuff everywhere on pinterest. It was perfect. Vaguely Halloween related, but nothing scary about it. So I ran with it.
We had our party yesterday and it was so much fun. Seriously. So much fun.

To start, I may have gone a little bonkers and given myself a candy corn manicure. So much time spent on this and it doesn't even look that great. Argh. 
We decorated the railings to our front porch. Please ignore the dead plants on either side.
We started the party off crafting up some foam candy corn magnets. (All identities have been changed to protect the innocent) Heh. That candy corn hanging from the balloons was our mascot, Corny, he was on the invites and all the little tags and such.
Next we decorated some sunshine candy corn cupcakes. (Side note, I bought these cute yellow ruffled baking cups, and they baked up so cute, but then totally pulled away from the cupcakes as they cooled. Boo. Not cute.)
We sent each of their creations home with them in cute little cupcake boxes!
They took everything home in big yellow bags...
Which contained this addictive harvest crunch mix, their cupcake, their magnet...
And one of these marshmallow candy corn sucker things that turned out so cute.
After crafting, they went downstairs to play some Mario Kart, and later some went outside and played in the grass. I took a video of Cody playing duck-duck-goose with 3 of them that almost made my face explode watching the adorableness.
Lastly everyone came back upstairs for pizza, oranges, and carrots. They were all disappointed we were having water to drink, but I didn't want to worry about cleaning up spilled anything else. No one spilled. :)

It was super fun and perfectly timed (1.5 hours is the way to go) and everyone had fun. I even heard the phrase "best party ever!" bandied about. Haha. And that is my super candy corn themed blog post. The funniest thing, is that I don't even LIKE the candy, I just think it's cute. 

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Megan said...

Those kids are so dang lucky! I really want to see that duck-duck-goose video. :) Thanks for being so awesome!