Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things that make me happy

Just a few photographs of things that are making me happy lately.

Stuff People I love have made:
This AMAZING spring gift from my friend Dawn. She knitted those super cute wrist warmers for me and I adore. I've been crushing on these kinds of gloves on etsy for so long; for all the late nights I am at the computer, and they are a treat!
She made these adorable carrots that had tiny treats wrapped into each layer, so as I unraveled the crepe paper, gifts fell out! It was crazy fun! I kept asking Cody if he wanted to unwrap one since I was clearly having a ball, but he declined. She snuck all kinds of fun things, stickers, hair clips, ribbon, & candy inside them. Genius. And we can't ignore the new gnome. I need a new plant to stick him in.
I am also totally digging my fingernails in this photo. They are those Sally Hansen nail thingies and they rock. So much more fun (and STURDY) than regular nail polish.

This soda can that is for some reason attached to wires. Cody brought it home from a lab he did for his *enter ridiculously hard engineering class name here * and I love it. He said everyone else just threw theirs away as they were leaving, but he brought his  home because he knew I'd want to see. They were measuring pressure or something.

Another fun photo courtesy of the husband's nuttery. Those eyeballs he drew go perfectly with the amazon smile don't you think? He cracks me up.

Stuff I've made:
One of the wedding gifts I made for my niece. Of course I forgot to take a finished photo, so here is a work in progress one. I just LOVE that chalkboard vinyl. Oh, and we did eventually fill up the empty one with popcorn. And I doodled on the labels more. So fun.

This cute little robot ATC arrived in Australia finally, but my swap partner was not all that excited about him. Eh, I thought he was super loveable.

 I love the spring bunting I made to hang over my computer screen. It's happy making.

Stuff People I don't know have made:
Super cute bird house out of children's books! I need to make one of these! Found at Craft.

Owl cheeseball?!? Oh man I love cheeseball, and owls. Found here.

These cutie pie cupcakes make me wish I'd bought (and then hung onto) some candy corns at Halloween!! Looking at this just makes me so happy and ready for sunshine days! Recipe here.

The sleeve length on this hoodie makes me giddy. I am not in love with the standard Old Navy graphics all over the front, but it didn't stop me from ordering it anyway.

This LOL Cat is my current favorite. That is some good word play.

And this is SO not a political statement, but simply made me smile. What a crazy night.

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