Friday, May 13, 2011

Flickr Feature? Me!?!

I'll admit it. I LOVE it when my flickr photos show up in places on the internet because other people like them. I've had several be randomly used or blogged about here and there, but I am super excited about my latest one. When a photo of mine showed up in my google reader I wasn't sure what was going on.

Why would a blog that I was reading have a photo from my flickr account on it?? Well, that's because Silhouette featured the cards I made for my Mom (and Mother-in-law) on their blog! How exciting is that? You can read the post here. I really adore my little cutting machine, and use it probably more than I thought I would. It seems to find its way into all of my craftyness lately.

All of the below projects have used this yummy stack of paper that I got for 1/2 price too! Love!
Mother's Day Cards
Mother's Day Pocket Cards
More Mother's Day Cards
Mother's Day Library Pocket Cards
A gift for my Niece
Gift Set

I promise not to let all the nice comments people are leaving about my photo go to my head! ;) (*edit* most of which got deleted due to blogger being down yesterday. sigh)


Jenny said...

I'll leave a comment!! You rock with that paper cutting machine of yours. Holy cow!

Megan said...

We already knew you were the most amazing crafter ever! I'm glad the Silhouette people figured that out. So cute! I love those colors together!