Thursday, May 5, 2011

ABC's of me

I saw this list of ABC's on my crafty swap friend Olivia's page, and since I'm all about the sharing of random details of my life with the whole internet I wanted to do it too. She used an adorable old photo of herself which I loved, so here is a funny one of me. I can't even see myself in this photo very much. I look like a chipmunk.
A. Age: 34. Holy crap.
B. Bed size: Queen. Small bedroom = small bed.
C. Chore that you hate: Vacuuming. Cody usually does it for me. 2nd runner up is ironing. I am terrible at it and seem to just iron IN the wrinkles
D. Dogs: No. Puppies, YES! But sadly puppies turn into dogs so....
E. Essential start to your day: I read my email in bed on my ipod to wake up.
F. Favorite color: Green
G. Gold or Silver: Silver. My wedding ring is platinum and I love it!
H. Height: 5' 4 1/2"
I. Instruments you play: I dabbled at the guitar and can remember some songs. Ditto for the recorder from grade school. ;)
J. Job title: Slacker (Cody told me I should put Trophy Wife ~ haha)
K. Kids: Kids are great. I haven't given birth to any myself.
L. Live: In Utah right next to the mountains and I love it.
M. Mother's name: Karen ~ Hi Mom!
N. Nicknames: Hmm. None that anyone uses, my real name is Jennifer, so I guess Jen is my nickname. In high school there were so many Jennifers I went by Jen B. One person sometimes called me Jennecy. Now it's my internet nickname.
O. Overnight hospital stays: Once, my appendix got real angry and wanted out of me.
P. Pet peeve: So many! Um, ok my current one is when people type "Wha-la!" on their blogs instead of violá. Honestly, what do they THINK they're even saying??
Q. Quote from a movie: Do you wanna do something fun? Wanna go to taco bell? -Mean Girls
R. Right or left handed: LEFT - super super lefty.
S. Siblings: 2 Sisters, 4 Brothers
T. Time you wake up: It varies wildly. Today it was 3pm. I KNOW.
U. Underwear: Always
V. Vegetable you hate: Yams and soggy squash
W. What makes you run late: Everything, but usually some sort of makeup/clothing/hair catastrophe.
X. X-Rays you've had: None, but I did have some sort of stomach scan before my appendectomy.
Y. Yummy food that you make: I make good enchiladas, and cheese steak sandwiches. I love to make desserts of any type and they usually turn out yummy.
Z. Zoo animal: The large kitties. Snow leopards are my favorite.

There you have it. Me from A to Z. I hope more people try this out, my friends blogs are all super low on new posts. (You know who you are)

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attack of The Mouse said...

okay you are the most adorable little girl. Thanks for sharing. :)