Monday, April 11, 2011

There's always a theme.

Over the weekend the husband turned 30...something, and is now as old as I am. Hooray!
Good times were had. These good times consisted of:

Æbleskivers for breakfast
I found a recipe on the internet that didn't require buttermilk or whipping egg whites and it's my new favorite!

Decorations and presents (see my theme?)

Solo Snowshoeing in the hills above our home

Lemon Cake 
(made in my new bought just for this occasion bundt pan)

The weekend also included going out for dinner, rock band playing with friends, and a shopping trip for new khakis and panini makings for dinner, but no pictures were taken during those activities. I love a good birthday celebration to change up the humdrum of every day. Any excuse for cake and banners is a good one I say.

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