Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring? Uhhh.

So today looks like this:

Which I don't mind too much. I dislike driving in it though, it's super fat heavy wet snow that is also somehow puffy and makes for slushy roads. But I kind of feel like this weather is a direct snub to the fancy pants tray I made this weekend.
 See, I must have gotten all "cart ahead of the horse" and decided to write a welcome note to spring in my kitchen.

Now this might not look like much, and I know there are chalkboard trays all over the internet, but this was kind of a labor of love.
My Grandfather lives in Washington and he is almost 93. He was cleaning out his house to move into assisted living and I got this heavy silver tray from my brother who brought back a van load of things from Grandpa's house. I was so excited! It was heavily tarnished, with layers of black and green gunk on it and I knew it would take a lot of work but I kind of enjoy shining up silver so I started polishing.
I failed to notice that the back of the platter was stamped with the words "Silver Plated Copper" on it, so when I started really rubbing some of the super dark spots, I didn't notice at first that the black areas were staying black, and that the surrounding silver was turning copper until it was too late. I was so upset I gave up and hid it in the basement for a few months.
Then I decided that since it was never going to be the shining silver tray I'd imagined, I set about cleaning it up, priming, and spray painting it bright shiny white. It turned out gorgeous, but I wanted more than just a white tray.
So I cut scalloped shape out of chalkboard vinyl (which is so fun & amazingly easy to work with!) and applied it to the middle of the tray so I can write fun things on it. I have a chalkboard marker which turns out so bright and pretty and washes off great!
I placed a few random glass vases around the tray, and am not sure if I will keep them up there, (it's in that empty space above my kitchen cabinets) but it's a fun change for now.
So maybe I should change the words on my tray to "Come ON spring!" but I'm really fine for now. I hate being hot all summer long so I'll just enjoy a few more weeks of hoodie wearing I guess.

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