Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And back again

Another trip to Arizona was taken last week. This time for my niece Brytne's wedding. We left after Cody's class on Wednesday, drove to Las Vegas for the night, then Arizona the next day. We rented a little Chevy something or other car that Cody hated, so as not to put miles on our rapidly aging Outback.

Here are some things I love about road trips:
  • Free breakfasts at hotels all ready and waiting when you get up. Since I've been home I keep wandering into the kitchen when I wake up and no one has made me waffles or eggs or doughnuts. There are no hot chocolate machines or small packets of condiments. Boo.
  • Taking lots of photos of family and beautiful scenery. Normally I am home all day where nothing exciting, amazing or cute ever happens. 
  • Talking all day to the husband. He's funny & I adore him.
  • Smashing pennies for my collection. What? I'm a nerd.
Things I hate about road trips:
  • Rest Stop/Gas Station bathrooms. Enough said. I missed my own bathroom more than I missed my cat.
  • Eating at weird places, and eating junk food all the time. I hate Denny's. How hard is it to make a turkey sandwich that is not terrible? We are happier when we just hit up a grocery store and grab some carrots, apples, and stuff to make sandwiches ourselves.
  • Sitting. So much sitting. In a rental car it's even worse because the seats aren't already molded to your butt shape.
  • Getting lost. Stupid mapquest. Stupid Frank Loyd Wright Blvd in Mesa.
Enough with the complaining, on to the photos. If you are my friend on FB or Flickr you've probably already seen some of these but here they are anyway!

We got to the temple a little early so we took pictures of ourselves for fun. 
How cute is Cody's pink tie??
Natalie, Mike & Clay
 The newlyweds Brytne & Nick! We love these guys.
 The ring ceremony
 Sweet cake. The middle layer was chocolate. ;) Yum.
 The candy bar. Too cute!
 Adorable flower girl Abigail. She is super sassy pants.
 Gorgeous sunset over the golf course where the reception was held.
 My nice Haylee convinced Cody to dance. Aww. To be fair, he had danced a little with me too.
 Leaving amidst bubbles and camera flashes.

Everything was super adorable, and super pink & green. I loved it. The weather was gorgeous and actually not too hot for Arizona. We left the very next morning and drove to Bryce Canyon. Those pictures I will save for another very long blog post. Perhaps tomorrow. :) *edit: done!*

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