Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February First eh?

January is over. Good riddance. Hah. Although, February is starting off chilly. Literally. It is like 2º outside. We were going to do the dreaded grocery shopping tonight but instead are going to stay home, watch whatever happens to be on TV/Netflix, and huddle for warmth while eating take out because of the lack of groceries.

I was super spoiled this year on my Birthday. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that love me enough to celebrate my aging. I received so many wonderful things, I couldn't fit all the photos. Dinner out with friends, visits from family, treats, flowers, craftiness, cute jewelry, decor and kitchen lovelies. So many pretty things and happy mail to brighten my day. Thank you all.
Not pictured is a super awesome exercise bike that my husband got us so that we can keep up our bike riding in the winter! I always hate how in the early spring/summer I can't ride my bike as far as I can at the end, so now I can "train" at home and hopefully when bike riding weather comes around my endurance will be better!

February was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification, and I can see that. It seems like a good month to actually do some of the good things I thought about doing during January. Cleaning, cleansing, doing better at things I know I can do better at. All that good stuff. :)

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Megan said...

Ooh! The chairs looks super good! Yay!