Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Craft Photo Dump

I have been on the craftwagon making crap lately.
I heart Making Stuff
Although most of my stuff can't be considered awesome. More like "time and supply wasting" or "hide in the closet-able", but I enjoy the act of creating so it doesn't really matter.
So here are some photos of all the stuff.

I cut out this hot pink vinyl decal and it's on the inside of my front door. I put it up for Valentine's, but I'm thinking I'll leave it up till our anniversary in June. Or longer. Who knows.

These turned out kind of funny. They were supposed to be little stickers that go on your fruit, I saw the idea here, but wanted to make my own. It was late on Valentine's eve, and I obviously thought I had gigantic fruit or something because the size ratio is crazy.

I got this paper storage box for Christmas from the in-laws and loved it, however it was super plain, so I mod-podged the crap out of it. Instantly better.

I cuted up this Ikea mirror with some adorable paper, cut outs, buttons and brads to send to my friend Shanda in a swap. I really liked how it turned out. It looks like spring.

I am not totally satisfied with this plate. This is the second attempt on it. I first primed and spray painted the plate white, then added scalloped and patterned paper, then the deer cut out. First out of vinyl, but I didn't like how it sunk into the plate and showed the paper lines beneath, so then this time I did it with cardstock and attached it with puffy foam tape. But didn't put it on straight. Argh. We'll see if I decide to do it a 3rd time.

I just sent this little owl ATC in the mail today for a swap and was sad to see him go. I was excited about making it because I only used like a quarter of a sheet of paper on the whole thing. It was orange on one side, and turquoise on the other, and I changed up parts of it with paint and ink pads.

I bought a random bag of alligator clips at Hobby Lobby and have been making lots of hair clippies. I wear one at least once a day to keep my bangs out of my face while cooking or putting on makeup or what have you. I have a bunch of plain clips left. Let me know if you'd like some and what ribbon colors you'd like and I'll make some for you.

I wrapped my bright bakers twine around these cute little paper bobbins I got from Wild Olive here. They are adorable and keep my twine nicely organized and knot free.

I just started cutting out this guy last night, and he is not at all near finished, but I am excited to see how he turns out. I am actually a super beginner sewer, I already tried to sew the round yellow fabric on and failed miserably. I will probably iron them on with some interfacing and hand stitch them for cuteness instead. Expect an update on this little guy soon.

And there you have it. This is how I deal with late winter time and not go crazy. Some people take cruises or go to Hawaii, I make junk with fabric, glitter, and glue. :)


Lisa said...

Everything is so cute and sweet and cheerful!!

Dawn said...


How do you make your paper cut outs? The deer is to cute, if you cut it with your hands I will fall over with amazement. I have recently made great strides with my cricut. I am now officialy cutting any graphic I can find on the internet, Hooray!

Mandy said...

Love it! You are so creative! I do want a couple of clips! So cute!

Shellie said...

I am always so envious of all the cute crafty things you do! You're super creative & make ordinary things WAY cute! I love the paper organizer, the darling plate & the cute hair clips. Maybe someday, I will be half as creative and crafty as you! You're my idol! : )