Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I know it's barely November, but I'm already looking at ornaments I'd like to have on my Christmas tree this year. Most of my tree is silver, blue and snowflakey, but I also have a little bit of a woodland theme going on. I am thinking I need some sparkly red mushrooms, owls and gnomes to go with the pine cones, acorns, birds, and squirrel I already have on it. My favorite are the old world looking glass ornaments, especially if they are covered in glitter!

I love all of these, and will hopefully be able to find something like them in the stores soon!

Ornaments found at:


Bonnie said...

I am loving those ornaments. I wonder if they have anything like it at Target?? I haven't looked at any ornaments yet...well except for where I work..Pier 1 Imports. Pier 1 actually has a woodland section of ornaments this year, but I don't think they are glittery. My Christmas tree is a huge conglomeration (did I spell that right?) of ornaments. There's no particular theme so pretty much anything will go. We always try to add four new ornaments every year. My hubby and I will take the kids out to shop for one ornament know, like the one that are sold individually. I think that is fun. When I am old and grey I will divide up the ornaments and give them to my kids.

jen morgan said...

I actually just went to Pier 1 and Target yesterday looking for ornaments! I had great luck at Target, they had a few owls to choose from and I ended up getting 2!! :)