Friday, October 8, 2010

This is Halloween!

Last weekend I put up all of my Halloween junk around the house. This week I tried to take pictures of it. The rainy and cloudy days were against me, and they all came out pretty dark. I guess that's fitting for spooky pictures.

Halloween Shelf Close

Halloween Door

Halloween Mask

Halloween Apothecary

Halloween Banner

Halloween Table

Halloween Wall

Owl Dishtowels
Even though these aren't technically Halloween decor, I just love my owl towels. The one on the right was a gift from my friend Megan, and the left one I found later and they totally match! Love!


Jenny said...

Seriously, Jen. You should go pro. When I'm rich, I'll hire you. :)

O. said...

Looks, great! Would you like to come over and decorate my house?

Megan said...

Your Halloween decor is the best. It puts mine to shame. It looks so fun and festive and spooky. yay!

Shellie said...

I LOVE the potion bottles! They're so cool! I love how spooky your house looks. Halloween is my favorite!