Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Swap Time

So my friend Dawn & I met in massage school in 1999, and she is kind of awesome. After hearing me raving about it & posting pictures all over the place, she decided to join swap-bot. I knew she'd be fabulous at it. I made us a private swap so we could send each other things for Halloween fun. The swap was for: something hand made, something home decoratey, and something yummy. Here is what I came up with:
Halloween Swap - Sent!
A "BOO!" banner, cupcake picks & wrappers, an altered & filled matchbox, some Hershey's nuggets that I made little custom wrappers for, and a treat bowl & dishtowel. It looked really cute together and my almost favorite part is that black cat bag. The whole front is covered in black glitter, and the eyes are googley. So fun!

I was SO excited to get the package she sent to me! Even the ladies at the post office noticed how cute the box was decorated! It was filled with the most fantastic of Halloween treats:
Halloween Swap - Received!
She sent me a set of adorable/creepy owl note cards she made, the cutest ever Frankenstein photo frame, in which I am going to put a scary picture of Cody, and the coolest candy! The skeleton keys are so stinking cute! And can we just talk about that huge puffy marshmallow owl sucker!?!? I love it. I love it so much I had to bite his little ear off!

I of course took a ton of pictures of everything, the rest of which can be found in my flickr.
I also sincerely hope no one stops reading my blog because of all the Halloween posts. I might have a few more coming....

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