Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well hi there!

It's September! September first to be exact. I think we all know how I feel about fall... so it's no wonder I'm loving the fact that the next 3 months are the months of fall.

Since it's back-to-school time for Cody, I made a little order and bought myself some YA books that are ALWAYS checked out of my library. I have very little patience for waiting, and I love owning books in a series because they look so pretty on a bookshelf. I am excited to have some light reading while he is upstairs figuring out how to save the world through engineering.
Amazon Order

So most of you know, my massage room in my house also doubles as my craft room, gift wrapping room, and "throw it in there and shut the door" room. However, since JANUARY it has been nearly impossible to even get the door open it was so full of stuff. Not a pretty sight. After a week of some hard core organizing and throwing out of junk, my massage table is back up, and I'm open for business.
Massage Room

At the end of August Cody and I drove to Anthem, AZ to visit my sister and her family. We stopped at Ikea the morning we left, hoping to use the bathrooms and grab some breakfast, but were there 1/2 hour before the cafe opened. Bummer. So we took the chance to pose in the empty parking lot.

My lovely sisters and I. And I still can't believe that I survived (with makeup intact) in the 106˚ heat of Arizona.

Three of my gorgeous nieces. I am so lucky to have 8 of the greatest girls in the world that let me be their Aunt Jen. ;)

My nephew Nick & Cody. Nick is an awesome drummer, and he taught Cody & I some beats. We were terrible at it. But he tried.

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Megan said...

Great pictures! Thanks for the update. I have the 4th Percy book when you're done with 3. But I'm too cheap to pay for hardback price for #5. Anyway, this comment has no point. The end.