Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dreaming of a bedroom redo

I love my house. I really do. But our bedroom is small. REALLY small. With a tiny closet. I feel like I never have room to put my clothes away, so they just sit in the laundry baskets folded and clean, waiting to be worn again.

I am trying to convince Cody that if we were to get new bedroom furniture, I would have room in my drawers to put my clothes away. I also want a little wardrobe for the corner. And a new vanity. And new bedside tables. Ok, practically a whole new set.

I love the Hemnes line from Ikea, and think the clean lines & white finish of the furniture would brighten and open up the room. :
1. I currently have an upholstered headboard that we made out of my old stripey comforter. I would redo it in white and maybe colored buttons.
2. I just bought this quilt & pillow sham set from overstock. It's bright and colorful and it is a good contrast with my white sheets/bedskirt, but also goes with my red wall paint.
3. Hemnes nightstands. I want one for each side of the bed. Right now my nightstand is an awesome antique sewing machine table, but it is really tall and way above my bed height.
4. Current bedroom paint color. Eddie Bauer cabin red, 2 of the 4 walls are this color with white trim, the other 2 are just white.
5. Hemnes wardrobe. Big enough for hanging clothes in, small enough to not fill up the room.
6. Cute lampshade I got at Ikea last year. It's my favorite.
7. Candle holder wall wreath from Pier 1 imports. Hangs above my bed currently. I might repaint it a lighter color for contrast against the red wall.
8. Hemnes dresser. I would love the 8-drawer version, but it will not fit. I love this!
9. Computer desk I found at overstock that I love. I would replace my heavy old vanity with this light airy white version. I am spoiled and sit at a desk by a window to put on my makeup. It's why I always look so fabulous. Hahahaha.
10. Adorable Ingolf stool to sit at my new desk. We have the Ingolf bar stools in our kitchen and love them!

I have always wanted to sand & paint my current bedroom set that I inerhited, and make it a nice soft color with updated hardware for a future guest bedroom. I think I could make it lovely, and would love to have the depression era furniture I've inherited be more my style. Right now it's a little to honey-orangey for my taste.


Megan said...

I say go go go! Maybe IKEA will give away everything for free. Yay! I think your ideas are fabulous. Maybe you can get it all for Christmas! :)

Jenny said...

Wow-I'm exhausted just reading all that!:) By the way, I also love your new fall wreath we saw on our walk today. You have good taste!

O. said...

I think it sounds wonderful

Mello said...

Do you know the name of the lampshade Jen? I swear, I found a pair of curtains in exactly that design at the fleamarket, totally oblivious that it was an ikea-design and I never saw the lampshade at Ikea. I'd love to have the lampshade so with the name I might find it at ebay maybe? Thanx!