Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feeling blue...

I've been sick with a cold for 2 weeks now. Not fun. But fine. Just found out a favorite aunt of mine passed away yesterday. Also not fun. So I guess I'm feeling a little blue.

I had a post planned about these cupcakes I made Saturday. I was tired of soup and other healthy "get well" type foods, so I made a big batch of chocolate chocolate cupcakes. They turned out yum.
Cupcakes, the best medicine?
But now I can't fathom why I thought I could make a whole blog post about them.

Instead, here are some things I've bought from sellers on etsy that I love. That should cheer me up a bit.

This fab apron from City Girl Aprons. I got it on sale and I love it to bits! The tie is super long and wraps around front to tie in a bow. Makes me feel cute and girly while I cook.

Little foxy wristlet from Cheryland. It fits some cash, my cell phone, keys & lipgloss. I never set it down and leave it places like I've been known to do with my purse. Plus, look how cute.

"Gnomus" print - fitted into a vintage book - from Paper Sparrow. Lives on the wall in my basement. I always imagine he's slightly grumpy, like me. Maybe it's his wool socks. I always feel itchy in wool socks.

Fabulous ironing board cover from bleuview. I loooove the ikea fabric and it fits like a dream. Almost makes ironing fun. Almost.

Gorgeous art cards from Hide n Seek. I have four of them in an ikea frame in my massage/craft room. They are so beautiful. Her art is amaaaazing.

See, now don't you feel a little bit better after seeing all that cuteness? So many talented artists out there. Next time I'll post some things I'd like to own but don't. That could be a looong post. Now if you don't mind, I've got to go hunt down another box of kleenex.


Courtney said...

Those cupcakes were yummy! Love you!

Bonnie said...

I love the Gnome print and the art card. The ironing board cover is so makes me think I need a new cover for my iron...mine is way too boring and plain. By the way, those cupcakes look heavenly...I could eat about 5 of them! Ha Ha!

Mandy said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt and hope you get feeling better soon!