Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lucky Me!

*I wrote this post in May and forgot to publish it! Oops!*
I just received this adorable matchbox in a swap from my friend Lisa. She makes the most gorgeous things. Look at how perfectly whimsical woodland this is!!
250ct B.I.R.D.S. matchbox - Recieved!

This is the CUTEST pouch that she made for me! I can't get over how fab it is.
Cutest pouch ever.

The matchbox was crammed full of all these fun treats...
Matchbox from Lisa

Including these rubber stamps...
Acorn & Hedgie Stamps

And these PERFECT little mushrooms she crocheted!! LOVE!
3 Little Mushies

I sent this matchbox I made to my friend Emma in Sweden, and it turned out really pretty! This was one of my most favorite swaps to make, and to receive. I really love filling up the big 250 count matchboxes!






I really love getting fun things in the mail, and I love getting to use all of my fun crafty supplies to make something nice for someone else. I haven't been doing a lot of it lately, but I am really glad I joined swap bot!


Megan said...

What cute things! I'm super jealous of that pouch. I was seriously interested in how all of that stuff you made would fit into the matchbox though. Pretty amazing. You must have magical powers.

Lisa said...


I'm so glad you like the matchbox swap. It is one of my most favorite ones that I've put together. The pictures you took of it are great!

You did a fabulous job on yours!

Shellie said...

You and your super craftiness! I am very envious. I especially love the hedgehog stamp! For some reason, I think hedgehogs are cute. Also, that toffee sounds divine! ANYTHING with that much butter & brown sugar HAS to be delicious! (I'd skip the pecans though and just eat the caramelly chocolatey stuff!)

Dawn said...

I am officially inspired, signing up for swapbot today...

Also, unrelated to your blog I loved the super cute b-day card, totally worth the wait.