Wednesday, July 7, 2010

clever summer time title

I just do not love summer. I know a lot of people do. I do not enjoy sweating, sunburns, mosquitos or ants. I dislike water of all sorts (lakes, oceans, swimming pools, hot-tubs...ick), and am afraid of the ice cream truck and its creepy little songs it plays as it slowly trolls about the neighborhood.
That being established, I have had a lovely June, and July is off to a great start. Despite the fact I'm not a fan, I have rather enjoyed this summer so far.

Highlights include:
  • Celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary with a little jaunt to SLC complete with fun hotel toiletries. (I love hotel toiletries, the fancier the better) We ate fried cheese on a stick, warm gooey chocolate chip cookies, walked for days, and shopped for fun useless things that make me happy. Things like...
  • This fabulous mushroom plate to hang on my wall. I love it.
  • S'mores, picnics, and cook-outs in our beautiful canyon with family & friends.
  • Our annual trip to the Bluebird to eat and then watch the Cache Valley Cruise-In.
  • Patriotic glitter toes to show off in my...
  • New summer sandals. Ahhh, arch support.
  • All of the Hyrum City Sesquicentennial July 4th Celebrations, (I spent the weekend calling it the Bisquickcentennial and it made Cody nuts) complete with parade featuring an awesome fake cow I had the honor of helping create for our ward's float.
  • Key Lime everything! Nom. 
  • Toy Story 3. I teared up a wee bit. 
  • Another fun trip to Ikea, where I found this awesome bird tray.
  • New haircut: short, dark, and bangs. Love it.
  • Getting to see some high school friends. We were (thankfully) out of town for our 15-year class reunion, but I was able to hang out with some of my besties from back in the day. I am however, sad sad sad I missed Joyce while she was here!
  • Cody went to the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in Colorado without me, and claims he wants me to go with him next year. We'll see. He had a blast and even got me a smashed penny for my collection while he was there!! Yay!
So there you have it. Not too bad considering it was 90+ degrees some days. We'll see if I make it through July & August when it really heats up. Thank goodness for A/C and a nice cool basement. Plus ice cream.


Courtney said...

I LOVELOVELOVE you're new blog background and such! So Cute!!!!

Darci said...

Mmmm fried cheese on a stick, I wish we had that here. Love, love, love those sandals, they scream Jen B and I totally agree with you about the creepy ice cream truck. It always seems to be driven by a creepy old dude on top of It's a small world being piped out at top volume, scary!

Jenny said...

I should have guessed you had something to do with that cow float. You are too creative! Oh, and I love your new blog look, too.

Shellie said...

We've missed you! Glad you're back!

Love your new shoes. I bought some similar, but because I'm LAZY, I got them without the ankle strap.

Happy Anniversary! MMMM, Fried Cheese on a stick! I'm not sure many things are better than that!

I also HATE Ice Cream trucks. They creep me out! I just tell Em that we'll go to DQ & get something really YUMMY and WAY better!

I can't wait to see your new haircut!

Way cute Cow! I think it is quite ironic though, that you would help with the cow part of the float! :)

I've really been craving some Key Lime something-or-other. I don't care what, I just want some!

Love the darling new blog look!