Friday, April 2, 2010

We all scream

For a few days there it actually felt like spring was starting, and we got all excited and bought some ice cream at the store. Oh my goodness, I had forgotten how good this stuff is. Blue Bunny Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate.
I swear I like it even better than Cherry Garcia, but very much the same flavors. I'm sure B&J probably has better quality ingredients, no artificial something or other, and is made by hippies who need jobs or something, but for the money, this stuff is heavenly.

Now it's snowing again, and ice cream seems chilly, so I made chocolate chip cookies instead. I tried this recipe, and they are fantastic.
Oh yeah, the toaster seems to be working out! Hooray!


Em said...

Sounds yummy!

Shellie said...

Cherry Chocolate Chip is my very most favorite (oh, and Mint Chocolate Chip too). I'll have to try Blue Bunny's. Trent doesn't like cherries at all, so I guess all the more for me, right?

I just tried a new recipe for Sugar Cookies (not the frosted kind, but more like snickerdoodle kind). They were deilsh! I'll have to give you the recipe!

Shellie said...

Yeah, so now I'm going to HAVE to try that Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, they sound divine. AND, I just spent 25 minutes reading that blog! Hilarious! Trent will be really happy that I found yet another way to waste time on the computer! (How do you find all those cute/funny blogs?)