Friday, March 26, 2010

My kingdom for a toaster.

We need a new toaster. We received our toaster when we were married in 2000. It's a boring white "Toastmaster" with shiny silver sides that shows every little fingerprint, and a white plastic front with a broken "bagel setting" button. It has never toasted evenly. It has had it's plug replaced because someone (me) broke the old cord. It had a slice of apple cinnamon bread toasted inside it once (Cody) and is now coated in burnt apple sugar concoction inside. It pops up almost immediately unless it is set on the highest setting, and then you have to watch to make sure it doesn't burn. However, it's easier to deal with than buying a new toaster.

It is absolutely ridiculous trying to find a decent toaster. I believe before the day of rampant over researching on the internet, it was possible to walk into a store, decide what you want to pay, find the best featured product in your price range, and buy something. But you can't do that anymore. Noooo, now you have to read reviews online, you have to sift through Amazon, Target, and E-pinions worrying that you will suffer the same fate as the 20% of the people who bought whatever it is you're looking at and HATE it enough to get online and pen an angry paragraph or 2 about said item. You have to wonder if people really buy a $380 toaster?!? (Oh, on sale for $228!)

So, with a "10$ off a 20$ purchase" coupon in hand, we headed to Kohl's. The toasters I'd looked at on their website seemed to be "online only" so we picked out this one based on shiny outsides and cute buttonry. Also, the bagel function seemed to function the way I want it to. It was on sale for $45, (so $35 with our coupon). We skipped home, toaster in hand, only to be drawn, after the fact, to research said toaster online. Wow, did we pick a good one. 7/10 reviews on amazon were ONE star! It was the LOWEST rated toaster at Target. Needless to say, we didn't even unpack the little silver Hamilton Beach toaster from its box, and took it back today. Sorry I wasted your coupon Megan!!!!

Arrrrrrggggghhhhh! Why is this so difficult!?! Why am I wasting a blog post on toasters?!?! Because I love toast. I really do. I love it. I love bagels, and english muffins, and plain old toasty bread. While our first toaster was not great, I am picking this one out myself and I just don't want to be unhappy with my purchase. Even though our 20$ toaster has worked fine-ish for 9 years, I am not willing to buy a cheap-o one for myself. So that being said, these are my top contenders (recently edited to reflect my research on the Cuisinart one that I found out didn't toast one side of the bagels, but rather both sides):

Both Kitchenaid, both more than I wanted to spend, both have pretty good reviews from most people, but also a fair number of bad reviews. Seriously, how hard is it to make a good toaster?!?! We'll probably try the cheaper plastic one first. In red. At least it will match my new mixer right?

Runner up, Hello Kitty?(Just kidding, it would make me insane.)
Cody's Pick.... doesn't really exist, this is a concept Dyson toaster.


Megan said...

Dang. Sorry you couldn't find a toaster. Seriously, it's such a pain! Hope you can find something soon. And your blog is so dang cute. Love it.

lovejoys said...

Too funny. Our toaster was so bad, just like yours. We got a new one. I don't even know what we got but I went with the little more expensive one at Wal-Mart and it wasn't that expensive because our last one was so horrible. Good luck. I think all appliances are just made cheap so good luck finding something.

Shellie said...

I'm glad you posted this about toasters! I have not done any research on said toasters (I was just going to buy the best looking one.) I DON'T want a huge one, or one that is stainless steel (fingerprints are the enemy when you've got little "helpers"!) But, I had decided on the one you got from Kohl's. Glad I didn't purchase it now. You'll have to let me know how it works out. Did it come in any other colors besides red?

Shellie said...

Oh, and Emily would KILL for the Hello Kitty one! Did you see the toast it "made?" Emily would want to frame the bread/toast and put it on her wall!

Dawn said...

Okay, kind of after the fact, you probably allready have gotten a toaster now but we just got one of those ones that is like a big rectangle with one long slot that can fit two pieces of bread about 6 months ago. I love it and I am picky about my toast. It fits great on the counter and when the toast is done it doesn't pop up and stick out in the cold air. It just beeps and keeps the toast in it's happy warm inside until you are done stirring your oatmeal or flippings eggs so you can go and get it. I have been through several failed toasters over the last couple of years and it just makes me love my happy toaster. It's a black Hamilton beach.