Monday, March 8, 2010 it Spring yet?

Normally, in March, I'm still in love with the snow, but this year, the snow has been super weak, and I am ready for spring. I've already bought a bag of Easter m&m's with the little bunnies on them (almond ones, they're the best) and it's still a whole month away. Yesterday I received these adorable gummy candies from my pal Mandy, and man oh man are they the cutest!! I am actually glad that I'm not big into fruity gummy things, or I would have to make the terrible choice to enjoy their cuteness, or try eating them, but they are safe with me. I wonder what will happen if they get dried out? Will they stay cute? Could I put a hole in the top hang them? Am I really  writing a whole blog post about gummy candy? I better write some more junk below the cute picture.
Candy Cuteness

Things I am looking forward to this spring:
  • Getting our Christmas lights down off the roof. Yep, they're still up there. (edit, apparently, they're not! haha, see comments section)
  • Riding my bike! Yay! It's my favorite!
  • Sandals. Time to do new glitter toes. Anyone want?
  • Getting my hair cut. Ok it has nothing to do with spring, I just love getting it cut and want it done soon.
  • Spring break! A whole week of not having to make Cody do homework!
  • Sun, believe it or not, I've missed it.
  • Um, that might be it.  
Oh, and I just noticed I already named a post "is it spring yet?" about 2 years ago. Shows how innovative I am. ;)


    Cody said...

    Uh... I took the Christmas lights down about a month ago. Thanks for noticing. ;)

    jen morgan said...

    Ooops! Sorry Cody, that's super funny though. I'm laughing really hard.

    Jenny said...

    Did you just send out an invitation to do glitter toes? Because that would be wonderful. My toes have suffered this winter!