Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Love

So did anyone else fall in love while watching the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics? Because I really want a pair of those adorable Canadian team mittens.
They are sold out at the online places I have been able to find them, and it's no wonder, they're only 10$! I remember in 2002, when our very own Salt Lake City hosted the world, I wanted one of those cute (were they really though??) berets our Olympic team wore, and I found them in a shop in SLC, they were ridiculously expensive. And that was after the Olympics were over.

Still, I've always thought Canadians were awesome, I had a pen pal of sorts from Canada when I attended USU for a year, and he played hockey and everything. I'd jump for joy if I could get my hands in a pair of those cute red mittens.

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Shellie said...

Those mittens are super cute! I also loved the USA beanie/knit hats. They were also really cute.