Monday, February 22, 2010

Mushrooms, meringue, & mixers

Tonight I made these adorable mushrooms out of meringue. I have seen them on the internet for ages, and never quite had a reason to try them. They were fun/easy, and are Garden Gnome approved!
Well, after my Valentines gift from Cody arrived, I've been looking for excuses TO bake things!

It's beeeeeutiful. It's the Kitchenaid 90th Anniversary stand mixer. It has a candy apple red paint job, a glass bowl, and shiny silver attachments. I am in heaven. I am not a good enough cook to necessitate it, but I have wanted one since I was a newlywed and this is the one I wanted. When Williams-Sonoma had it on SALE right at Valentines, Cody thought I should have it. I feel super guilty about owning such a marvelous machine! Saturday I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and it powered through the dough like butter. Making the meringues was fun too, watching the beater spin at a million miles an hour. I'm still in shock every time I walk into the kitchen and see it sitting there. We're thinking of naming her Ruby So-ho after our dead fish, Ruby So-Ho, who was named after my favorite Rancid song... Ruby So-ho. Orly?

Warning: Anti-cat-on-counter-tangent below. If you love your kitty enough to let her sit on the same surface as your food, don't read this!

While I was reading up on how to make the mushrooms,  I came across a photo of a cat sitting on the counter while her human made them. Now, I like my cat, she's great and all, but I do NOT let her sit, stand, or walk on the counter. If we ever catch her trying, she gets in no small amount of trouble. I understand people love their pets. But come ON, your cats feet are the LAST thing you want on a surface that you have food on and around. Your cat uses a litter box for crying out loud! Plus, cat hair in your food, ick. That is just my little rant about cats on counters. If you let your cat on your kitchen counter and am offended, I'm sorry, and let me know how that parasite in your intestines works out for you. ;) Haha. No, really.

So this post is all over the place, and apparently I'm a little punchy tonight. Blame the sugar, the adorable, mushroom shaped sugar. I guess I could have just said blame it on the mushrooms, but that's another meaning altogether....


Megan said...

lol. You crack me up. I can't believe those mushrooms are real. They look super cool. And hooray for a mixer! I'm pretending not to be jealous of you.

Shellie said...

I can see the shaft of light shining down and the voices singing
"aaaahhhh" when I saw your mixer! (Good Job Cody! Trent should take lessons from you!) Emily said, "WOW, it is beautiful!"
Have so much fun with it! Also, those mushrooms are super cool! But, did you eat them? I don't like meringue thingys, so I wouldn't partake, but they're way neat looking!

Jennie Moore said...

YAY for a new mixer. I love the color! Also, I agree about the cat on the counter issue. I have a really gross mission story about that. I will share it sometimes.

Natalie said...

Your mixer is BEAUTIFUL! The mushrooms are ADORABLE!!! I love love love them, great job!

The Mathews Family said...

Ooooo I am SO JEALOUS of your red kitchenaid! I have one, but its not that cool - not even close!

Anyway, I'm not sure about the cookies being rolled and cut... I was wondering the same thing the other day, and it's certainly worth a try! I think it might take a little extra flour, but that's do-able.

LMK if you do try it and how it goes. :)