Thursday, January 14, 2010

How is your January?

Mine is going just swimmingly. And I don't even swim. Just kidding, I rarely go out because of the smog (who am I kidding, I hate going out because I hate people), and I'm tired/snarkey all the time from lack of sun. I think there was a whole week where all I ate was chocolate and cheese. But other than that.... swimmingly. So whenever I am just no fun at all, I like to make a list of things that I am currently....

  • Having my living room back, ie: no more Christmas tree.  
  • Cody's beard growing. Mmmm, scratchy.
  • Pandora
  • The challenge of teaching new little 5 year-olds in my church class.
  • Reusable shopping bags. They fit so much stuff, and look way cuter in my cart.
  • New king size ultra soft fleecy blanket (thanks ShopKo!)

  • Nutella. I would not let myself buy this any time I saw it in the grocery store. I knew I would love it, as I love those shiny gold Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates. Well, when my niece came to visit, we wanted to make crêpes, and she asked if I'd ever put Nutella in them...and that was the end of me not buying Nutella. Forever.

  • Totoro!  Cody and I love the Japanese filmaker Miyazaki's cartoons, and this one is one of my new favorites! I don't know how you could watch this movie and not fall in love. Little soot sprites, big fat bunny shaped forest spirits, and cat buses?!!? Seriously, I loved it. 

    • Chuck! I didn't ever watch the first 2 seasons on TV, but caught up with it online this year and was super excited to watch the new season with Cody. I love nerds. 

    • These Salt & Pepper shakers from Pottery Barn. They are gorgeous and want to come live at my house. *edit* UPDATE: these are currently on their way to my house! Thanks to my sister Kerry who literally hunted them down like a tiger and bought them for me for my birthday. Yay! Thanks sis!!

    • These AMAZING soup and sandwich plates/bowls!! We eat soup/salad/and/or/sandwiches a lot in the winter, and we are always juggling 2 bowls, or a bowl and a plate, and I would use these ALL the time. Plus they are simple and clean and I love the style.

    • I was more fun. I'm seriously such a homebody. We are getting pretty good at our new rock band though. ;)
    • The inversion would go away and let some sun or snow in. I don't care which one.
    • That my birthday wasn't in January. It's after Christmas, it's cold and I'm almost sick of everything, food, fun, chocolate...I said almost.
    • That I was better at leaving Cody alone while he studies. During school, I have to practically banish myself to the basement or I wander to wherever he is and start talking/distracting.
    So that is all I can come up with for now. What about you? Love or hate January?


      Kathy Schroder's Sass said...

      Holy cow my sister turned me on to Nutella. Get the crescent rolls in the tubey thing spread nutella on them and roll them up and bake. They are freakin delicious

      Megan said...

      That was a fun post. I'm currently hating January. I can't seem to make myself do anything useful. Boo. Maybe a fun crafty something will do the trick. Hmmm.
      I love Chuck too. I wish it were on later though. I'll have to catch up online. Are you sick of this comment that is going nowhere? Me too.

      Anonymous said...

      hey jen! they have a kroger brand (cheaper) nutella at smiths market place. i wouldn't buy it either, not just cause i love love love hazelnuts, but cause its expensive, but this one is a bit cheaper so i said what the heck! it is super yummy!!!!!
      oh, and if it helps any, i may just hate people more than you do!!!!


      Dawn said...

      Pandora is probably one of the top 5 things the internet ever came up with...after Etsy and your blog of course.

      attack of The Mouse said...

      What you are going to Annie? We are too. I know you hate people, but if I see you I might actually get excited and say hi. E. is coming with me and she is dressing up like Annie. So if you see me, I will be with the "real Annie". Maybe I'll where my pj's so I can be Ms. Hanagan.
      PS I hate January. It is the longest month, and in due fashion it is silll here. :(