Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seasons Greetings!

This is my Christmas card collection this year. I love it. I love getting mail. LOVE it! I feel a little guilty every card I get and open however, since I didn't send out snail mail cards this year, but rather emailed everyone a picture of Cody and I with some greetings on it. I don't know what exactly contributed to this years lack of card sending. Perhaps time & money, perhaps the fact that in last years photo I was skinnier than I am this year, and perhaps I was just lazy. Either way, thank you to all who have sent real cards, and let me know if I didn't get you on my list of e-card recipients and I'll send you one right away! Hopefully next year I'll be back on the card sending wagon!

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Shellie said...

Hopefully, you'll get ours tomorrow? I was a little late sending them out this year, but better late than never, right? Emily helped me, so they're all a little different, but I think that is what makes them unique! (It took twice as long too!)