Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmases Past

I dug up this little beauty from the super early 80's. My guess is 1981. Anyway, I am loving my lacy red dress that comes all the way up my neck (I wonder if it was itchy?), my full forehead of bangs, and the tinsel on our very real, very full, Christmas tree.


Megan said...

OK, this is my absolute favorite so far. Love it! LOVE IT!

Natalie said...

I love this one too! I LOVE that dress! So cute!

Shellie said...

My mom recently found a dress that I wore for Christmas 1981. It is white (same neckline as yours)and has some flowers embroidered on it. It also has a red velvet sash. It is Emily's size and she wore it to church a few weeks ago. EVERYONE loved it except Trent (he hates the high neckline). Emily loved it because it kind of twirled! I so loved it too. Yeah for vintage clothes!