Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bells are ringing

The second picture of December might just be one of my favorite things about the Christmas season.

Since I took this photo, my number of Christmas songs has already increased from 289 to 292 thanks to iTunes. I go there all month long and buy a few new songs a week if they have anything that suits my fancy. I absolutely love any Christmas song sung by Stevie Wonder or Roger Whittaker. Christmas is the time of year I embrace all music styles, even those I don't normally care for like country, Mannheim Steamroller, Sarah McLachlan, or even Josh Groban. ;) A random sampling of my favorites (linked to my if you care to listen) listed below. Enjoy!
"Winter Song" Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
"A Soalin' " - Peter, Paul & Mary
"Carol of the Bells" - The Bird & The Bee
"O Come, O Come Emmanuel" - Belle & Sebastian
"Valley Winter Song" - Fountains of Wayne
"No Christmas for Me" - Zee Avi
"I Saw Three Ships" - Sufjan Stevens
"All That I Want" - The Weepies
and just for Cody... "Christmas Reindeer" - The Knife

And you? Christmas music all month long or are you already sick of it because of how long they've been playing it over the speakers in the stores??


Megan said...

I love that Winter Song one too. And I have to say that Christmas CD you made a few years back is still one of our all-time favorites. I think I've heard "SANTA Claus is comin' to town" way too many times.

Darci said...

I still listen to that CD you made too! You gotta love Darcy the Dragon :)